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Ontario Focused Curriculum!

Proud CanSIA MemberPreviously, the same 40 hour course was available only in the US. 

For the first time it is being offered in Ontario, with a focus on  the Canadian Electrical Code and regulatory issues related to Ontario’s microFIT and FIT.

Why travel hours south for more costly US courses and incur added travel / accommodation expenses? Receive similar training locally, with an Ontario focused curriculum! 

Classroom Instruction

  • Industry overview
  • Solar and Electricity Basics
  • Ontario Solar Economics
  • Solar System Design
  • Fall Safety
  • Inverter Design and String Sizing
  • Composition of a Solar Panel
  • Code and Permitting Considerations
  • Preparation for the Entry-Level NABCEP Exam

Hands-On Exercises

  • Site Survey and Shading analysis
  • Multiple Solar System Installations
          (full wiring, conduit panels, racking)
  • Working with Micro Inverters and String Inverters
  • Tile cutting, Roof Penetrations and Racking
  • Ground Mounts
  • Solar Tools Workshop
          (pulling wires, bending conduit, combiner boxes)
  • Load Center Tie-In  / Project Staging