SAI “Solar Professional Certificate: Level One”

All students that successfully complete OSA’s 5-Day PV Design _ Installation Course will receive the “Solar Professional Certificate: Level One” from Solar Academy International (SAI).  Students will also be prepared to successfully complete NABCEP’s PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge (see below).

NABCEP “PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge”

OSA’s 5-Day PV Design _ Installation Course prepares participants for successfully achieving the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge (COK). NABCEP’s COK testifies to a practitioner’s basic knowledge. comprehension and application of key terms and concepts of photovoltaic (solar electric) system operations suitable for a supervised, entry level position with a dealer and/or installer or other PV industry company.  

OSA is working to establish the ability to administer the NABCEP COK test at the end of the 5-Day Course.  
We will assist you in arranging to take the test and receive the certificate.

NABCEP PV Entry Level Learning Objectives
OSA’s 5-Day PV Design _ Installation Course is based on a set of learning objectives developed by a NABCEP Committee of PV subject matter experts (SME) for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Program. The skills identified in this analysis do not replace electrical trades, technician, technologist or engineering training. 

The Learning Objectives include ten (10) skill sets:

  1. PV Markets and Applications
  2. Safety Basics
  3. Electricity Basics
  4. Solar Energy Fundamentals
  5. PV Module Fundamentals
  6. System Components
  7. PV System Sizing Principles
  8. PV System Electrical Design
  9. PV System Mechanical Design
  10. Performance Analysis, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

For a detailed explanation of these objectives, download the PDF by clicking below.

The North American Board for Certified Energy Practitioners, Inc. (NABCEP) is a national voluntary, non-profit, professional credentialing organization lead by industry stakeholders. NABCEP certifies qualified practitioners in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy, and energy efficiency technologies, who have met the professional knowledge standards established by NABCEP. The purpose and goal of NABCEP is to assess and measure objectively the professional knowledge of renewable energy industry practitioners, and to promote the advancement of the renewable energy industry. NABCEP is dedicated to the implementation of appropriate professional standards designed to protect consumers and the profession.