Half the cost of an installed solar system goes toward labour

In Monday’s Toronto Star, Tyler Hamilton wrote about the cost of skilled labor for solar installations: 

“There will be high expectations and key milestones for clean technologies in 2010, which kicks off a decade that will witness large-scale transformation of the world’s energy sector. Close to home, thousands of homeowners and businesses will be looking to install solar photovoltaic systems to take advantage of Ontario’s new feed-in-tariff program.The cost of solar gear has slowly fallen over the past few years, but half the cost of an installed system still goes toward labour.  Expect to see more solar products on the market touted as do-it-yourself, offering a sort of a snap-together roofing system that has all the wiring and inverters embedded into solar panels. Once installed, all that’s required is the hiring of a certified electrician to inspect the system and make sure it’s correctly connected to the grid. Lowe’s home improvement stores in California, for example, began selling such a product in December. Could an offering in Ontario be in the works?”

Until such a time, and well afterward, Ontario’s solar rush will need well-trained Ontarian’s to design and install photovoltaic arrays. Such labor accounts for 27% of the required 40% domestic content requirement.  Ontario Solar Academy is leading the way, providing first-rate hands-on training previously only offered south of the border!  Our inaugural 5-Day Training  begins February 22. 

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