Five-Day Course Details & Outline

5-Day PV Design _ Installation (Level One) – Course Details

Solar Academy’s 5-Day Solar PV Design and Installation Course (Level One) covers fundamental knowledge and reviews the design, installation, and evaluation of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.  The solar training includes site evaluation tools and techniques, solar electric component operation and connection, system design and sizing, and standard requirements and practices. This special Ontario Solar Academy course guides students from system fundamentals to advanced mechanical and electrical concepts in accordance with Electrical Code requirements in Ontario. 

Passing a final exam qualifies students for Solar Academy’s “Solar Professional Certificate: Level One.” 

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills; familiarity with equations, fractions _ algebra; ability to safely lift 50 lbs.

Topics Covered

  • Grid-Tied PV System Design _ Estimation
  • Rooftop Mounting Installation
  • Economic, Financial _ Regulatory Considerations
  • Electrical Component Selection and Functions
  • Customer Site Evaluation

Course Outline

1. Introduction to PV systems
2. Solar radiation 
3. Site surveys and preplanning
4. System components and configuration
5. Test

1. Cells, modules and arrays
2. Inverters
3. System sizing and design
4. Mechanical integration

1. Electrical integration 
2. Designing a complete system (Each student designs a full system under different conditions)

DAY 4 – Hands on
1. Safety instructions according to OSHA regulations
2. Installing different brands of mounting hardware and tracks
3. Installing panels

DAY 5 – Hands on 
1. Electrical connection
2. Codes regulations
3. Permits, Grants and Regulations
4. Final test.